Q: When will this game come out?

A: Paragon is scheduled to go live on Kickstarter in August 2019. After the Kickstarter funds, copies of the game will be made available to backers and the general public.

Q: What comes in the box?

A: Paragon will ship with 272 cards (16 of which are Avatars), several dozen counters to keep track of energy and HP, and a rulebook.

Q: Which types of Counters can Time Sage Oryon duplicate?

A: Time Sage Oryon's effect can duplicate any Counters on the board, including Energy Counters in either player's pool, or on any Avatar. He can also duplicate Damage Counters, effectively letting him "attack" for 1. Duplicating a Counter with a printed value higher than 1 (such as a Damage Counter with a value of 3 printed on it) will always result in just a single new Counter being created. This is because the "3" represents how many Damage Counters are on the card, not how much damage that particular Counter holds.

Q: If I attack an Avatar and it becomes stealthy before damage is dealt, what happens?

A: Stealthy cards are not legal targets of an attack. In fact, stealthy cards cannot be targeted in any way—an ability from hand, a triggered effect from the board, or Avatar abilities, for example, cannot target a stealthy card. Thus, if a target becomes stealthy in response to being targeted, including an attack, the attack or effect becomes illegal and does no damage and/or has no effect.

Q: If I steal an opponent's card but it doesn’t match a discipline on my Avatar, how can I equip it?

A: In an instance where a legal play results in a card being equipped to an Avatar that doesn’t match that card’s discipline, an Avatar may equip that card. In general, once cards are on the field of play, the discipline-matching restriction no longer applies.